6 thoughts on “So Close, Yet So Far”

  1. Did a Day-after-Thanksgiving Opt Outside group trail walk at Baldpate…first time ever there…it is truly an interesting trail-walking place…thanks to Mercer County Parks for the activity

  2. yes, baldpate mountain and the surrounding area is unique. it is the only place like this in new jersey. this area has been maintained and cared for by many hard working farmers and country folk for hundreds of years.it did not pop-up overnight. this area can or could be enlarged and utilized for the enjoyment of many more people if the four partners of acquisition would offer a fair market price for surrounding areas. (the surrounding areas are already included in the master plan for the preserve???)

  3. And I thought I was the only one who knew about this! I’ve spent many a peaceful hour on the summit with no other hikers around. Our area is certainly loaded with treasures.

  4. Great review! Tried to give it 4 stars but it wouldn’t let me (I deducted 1 star for a couple of factual blips. It is otherwise awesome.) You truly captured the essence of Baldpate’s uniqueness in our area. Just to fill in a couple of blanks, the mountain will always be–first and foremost–a nature preserve. All four partners in the acquisition (Mercer County, the State of NJ, Hopewell Twp. and Friends of Hopewell Valley Open Space) recently completed a draft master plan, which is subject to approval by the County Park Commission. The plan calls for leaving the preserve mainly in its natural state. The recently-renovated main house will be a visitors center. Nature programs are already being conducted by the County Naturalist. “Competition-class” bikers take note: The Summit Trail is off limits to bikes and horses. Birders take note: Get out there now for the best warblers in all of Mercer County!

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