There is no Starbucks in Trenton. While signifying a lack of civilization to some, to others it represents a welcome relief from the soul-numbing uniformity that grips most of the country.

I/we are often asked, “Why would you want to live in Trenton?” The emphasis is on “you” because the questioners know we have a choice. We could as easily live in Princeton or New York or some other place deemed much more attractive by the mainstream culture (and, indeed, have done so in the past).

This website is, in part, our answer. It’s our attempt to help people lead a richer, more engaged life here in Trenton. Just like our suburbanized peers, we Trentonians can hop into our cars and and gain access to the up-scaled, segmented, mainstream world. And, at the same time, we can experience a special set of people and places and businesses which serve people here, and which are largely hidden from the mainstream. We get the best of both.

Over the years, we’ve expanded this website from one that focused entirely on the City of Trenton, to one which now celebrates the best of what greater Trenton has to offer. It’s intended as a guide for anyone living or working in this town, or nearby, and recognizes that our lives aren’t limited to one or the other. And if you live or work in Ewing or Hamilton, or even in Princeton or Pennington or Hopewell, that’s OK, you can explore it with us. By experiencing hidden Trenton, we enrich all of our lives.

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  1. Hi,
    As someone whose spent my first 38 years in Trenton, and is repatriating after 19 years (well, on weekends, in Yardley, but close), I’ve found your site to be invaluable. My girlfriend and I did La Villa Pizza, Porfirio’s, and Woods Edge Alpaca just these past couple of weekends based on your recommendations. Keep up the good work!
    p.s. as an avid cyclist, if you want more routes though Hunterdon and Bucks, I’ve got plenty.

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