15 thoughts on “Mountain out of a Mole de Pollo”

  1. This place is amazing. Very friendly and helpful waitress! I had beef tongue sopes and lamp soup/lamb tacos as an entree. That combined with the chips and delicious salsa was wayyyy to much food. Ate the rest of that delicious food the next day. Prices are more than fair. I can’t recommend this place enough to anyone. Stop reading and go now!

    1. Sorry, busy morning. Everything was really very good. Huge portions. Most meals under $10 AND they are not afraid to use spice! Lol …their salsa is tasty but I think el Patrillo’s house salsa is to die for.

  2. The food was delicious! The grilled salmon was topped by fresh, tasty guacamole, and came with salad and rice (for which I substituted black beans no problemo). The guacamole appetizer was huge, and a very good value. Service was also good, and the owner stopped by our table to thank us for coming and to see what we thought of the food. We will definitely be back to sample some other things!

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