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  1. Not sure if you’re keeping this site up to date since I see alot of old posts but I was just told about a place you might be interested in called Morgan’s Island Grill in Hightstown. You can find some reviews on Yelp (sorry, prob. a competitor). I hope to try it this weekend. I enjoy Hidden Trenton alot and hope that you keep it going. The husband and I live in Lawrenceville. Thanks!

  2. I enjoy this ‘zine, and have discovered several hidden restaurant gems through your reviews. I do have a question: do you have any regular publication schedule? Monthly? Quarterly? Just curious.

    Have you tried the Haitian place in the same strip center as the Trini roti place (the latter has been reviewed here).


  3. Hi Folks! I know a place that has tasty Indian food. It’s Taste of India on Olden Ave. The buffet is nice and prices are reasonable. Could you please check it out and tell me what you think! They have a lunch and dinner buffet.

    Editor’s comment:  I suppose it’s some sort of testament to the maturity of Indian Restaurants in the US, that you can now have a place like Taste of India.  It’s basically the equivalent of an Indian pizza joint: a tiny, unassuming restaurant in a suburban strip mall.  Reacting to this comment, I visited the restaurant recently for lunch.  The buffet is inexpensive, and OK, but not to the same quality as the other Indian restaurants on this site.  If you’re in the neighborhood, and hankering for a filling lunch, you could certainly stop in, but I won’t be reviewing it for Hidden Trenton.

  4. Eric,

    I was going through the college list of “missing” alums and thought, “Eric can’t be hard to find, he is probably doing something really interesting with books.” – and you are! I remember you talking about how your family always held a book so that the spine would not be compromised. Since I have gone on be a bookseller and a librarian – odd book-related memories often return. Would love to catch up.

  5. Growing up in Trenton and returning often to visit family I would like to see something included on touring the history of Trenton. I like the info you have on eating. Regards, Bob

  6. Great Site! We just moved to West Trenton and its nice to know that there is a site we can use to find the hidden treasures of Trenton.

  7. What a great site! I’m moving back to the area after living in London for two years and I can’t wait to explore all of these places!

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