Diasporatic Pie (Gennaro’s Pizzeria) (Gennaro's Pizzeria)

Gennaro's Pizzeria, 4613 Nottingham Way, Hamilton Square, NJ
Open 7 days, 11AM - 10PM
(609) 587-4992   Website    Google Maps

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Gennaro’s is a nicely turned out pizzeria and Italian restaurant in a newish strip mall where Nottingham Way and Rt. 33 converge in Hamilton Square (about 7.5 miles from Trenton). It was recommended to us by no less of an authority on authentic Trenton tomato pie than Joe Silvestro, Jr, whose father was the “Joe” of “Joe’s Tomato Pie” which was the first such restaurant in town, founded in 1910, and operated on S. Clinton Street until the 1980s (Mr. Papa worked there for a year before starting Papa’s in 1912).

Really, my only concern about Gennaro’s is its location in Hamilton Square, nearly to Robbinsville.  It is more legitimately categorized as part of the Trenton Diaspora than “Hidden Trenton”.  However, if for some reason you find yourself there, seeking sustenance amidst the soul-numbing suburban sprawl, and rejecting chain restaurants by the dozen,  by all means stop in for a pie.  It’s really quite good.

Nice, thin, crisp crust.  Tomato “sauce”.  Good quality cheese and toppings.  Gennaro “Jerry” Salzano worked in several Chambersburg eateries as a teenager, so the Trenton pie connection is authentic.  Open every day for lunch and dinner, and open until 10.

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One thought on “Diasporatic Pie (Gennaro’s Pizzeria)”

  1. You speak of HamSq like it’s freakin’ South Dakota. 7.5 miles!!! Oh gosh, you might have to take two buses or something!!!

    I used to think suburbs were “soul-numbing.” Now, I think they’re relatively clean, safe, quiet places in which to live and raise a family. Also, if you live in the right suburban neighborhood, you will have plenty of conveniences you can walk to; good restaurants included. What I’m trying to say is, I’ll gladly take “soul-numbing” over whatever the eff Trenton has turned into.

    If Trenton is such the urban gem, why must you leave her precious city limit to find restaurants to write about?
    Editor’s Comment: The beauty of Trenton is that it’s a work in progress. Whatever it’s turned into isn’t what it was 20 years ago when many people left here to settle places like Hamilton Square, and it’s not what it will be 20 years from now, either. This is the process we try to document in Hidden Trenton and why the city provides us with constant joy, despite its sometimes discouraging aspects. While you are entitled to your opinion, I would have thought both the soul-numbing aspect of suburban life (which, of course, isn’t it’s only facet, as you are quick to point out) and the reason we might have an interest in a restaurant only 7.5 miles away, are obvious.

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