Kids’ Kamping (Teetertown Preserve)

Teetertown Preserve, Pleasant Grove Rd, Glen Gardiner, NJ
By reservation during camping season
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Special notes for parents
One of the nicest, closest places to take your kids camping. Little used except when the Boy Scouts show up. This review is entirely about kids, so read on…

For young kids, there’s something about sleeping in a tent outdoors that’s truly exciting.  It’s great even when it’s in the back yard.  When it’s in the woods with a blazing camp fire, next to a farm, a short walk from a pond that’s stocked with trout, and adjacent to fun hiking trails, it’s an experience they’ll remember for a lifetime.

For parents of young kids, if the location is beautiful and only 1:15 driving time from home, that’s pretty special too.  You’ll also appreciate that chemical toilets are close by, and generally kept very clean.

Hollow Brook runs through the Teetertown Ravine, a few minute's hike down from the campsites
Hollow Brook runs through the Teetertown Ravine, a few minute’s hike down from the campsites

The “Ridgeline” and “Hilltop” campsites in the Tetertown Preserve (a Huntington County Park) are among the most lovely you’ll find in any public camping area.  You’ll be able to unload your camping gear and food within a few hundred feet of the site, and yet feel that you’re in a private, remote camp.

As far as I can tell, the preserve actually gets very little use for camping (other than the occasional Boy Scout troup), which means it will seem even more private and remote if you arrange your visit when no one else is around.

You can hike down a moderately steep grade into Teetertown Ravine to enjoy the beautiful Hollow Brook, or up onto the ridge and the farm.  Altogether there’s a couple of miles of trails within the woods, and several additional miles of field hikes up on the top of the ridge.  The “Geology” trail is particularly fun (though not suitable for very young kids), and winds through some fairly steep rock faces.

Camping is by reservation only.  Make sure you call the Huntington County Parks department to arrange your adventure.

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