12 thoughts on “North Trenton Brewskis”

  1. I was there with my friend 30 min ago. There were 4 guys and they were having drink. When they saw us,one of them asked us if we r muslim. I got a shock that what the h…ll is going on?how racist people they r. Those guys started to fight against us and we barely left place. Again one guy came out and stops us in street and again yelled us he mentioned that this place s catholic place and muslims cannot come inside. We reported to police too. The worst place i have ever seen

  2. Hands down my favorite spot…Friday night I meet up with good friends, bartenders know me, have some good drinks, eat amazing food like my grandmother use to make.. and just enjoy good conversation and good people…Thank you to all the people there and keeping me in touch with my Polish roots…

  3. Awesome place! Stone cold gorgeous bartender’s offer a welcomed respite from the mute brickheaded Pollock dudes that refuse to speak to anyone. Great food every Friday!

  4. Fantastic. Nice people, cheap beer, free, delicious food…I kind of sympathize with Scott in not wanting too many people to find out about the place so I can be sure to get a second helping of pierogies!

  5. I love this place. I hesitate to mention just how good their Friday buffet is because I’m worried more people will just eat all the food ! Seriously, this is no cheap buffet…we are talking spare ribs, pork tenderloin, pierogies, sauerkraut & potatoes, etc.

    Your review failed to metion the late-night scene here…Aafter midnight, the place turns into a slammin’ eruo-style disco with lovely Russian, Polish and Czech women : ) They have some really good DJ’s here, and are open to guest performers.

    Their imported beer selection also needs higher praising…they have 10 different Polish beers including many yummy high-octane head-busting session beers such as Zywiec, Okicim, andn Warka. Pilsner Urquel is really good, but you can find that on tap anywhere these days…

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