4 thoughts on “The Little Museum that Can”

  1. Roberta… It is true that when the City of Trenton had a zoo, the building was used as a monkey house. But you’d never know it now. I think it’s been a museum for 30-odd years. With respect to feeling safe, I’ve been to the museum many times over the years, both during the day and at night, and have never felt any safety issue (and I have a highly developed urban radar). My suggestion would be to visit the museum on a nice spring day on a weekend, and go with a friend. There will be people around: mostly family groups picnicking, and kids playing organized sports. You can generally park on the road right next to the museum.

  2. Law Olmstead didn’t just do Cadwalader Park and Central Park, but parks all over the US, including Highland Park in Rochester, Prospect Park in Brooklyn and the layout of UC Berkeley.

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