15 thoughts on “The Upper Crust”

  1. I tried this place today. Since I grew up on good Trenton Tomato Pie I was very disappointed. Pie crust and sauce weren’t to my liking. My favorite now is Joey’s in Hamilton. They have great Brooklyn Pie!

    1. Marion–so glad you tried it, and sorry it wasn’t what you were hoping for. Of course, it isn’t a tomato pie. It is a Neapolitan style pie. But if you like tomato pie we look forward to hearing your thoughts when we announce hidden trenton’s tomato pie competition winners!!

  2. Huge fan, so I’m couching my nitpicking with profuse apologies, I’m a culinary publicist: this is an independent restaurant group. Chain is for On the Border, Red Lobster, McDonald’s, etc.

    1. Like insaid no knock on this place the atmosphere is beautiful, but when it comes to neapolitan pizza the vault and theres a new place in Lambertville next to Rojo roastery i believe the name is liberty pizza

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