5 thoughts on “Beach Front Property?”

  1. I liked this site better when it just included the things that were hidden with in Trenton because then I was always finding out about something new. You seem to be branching out to other areas

    1. Hey, Ilene! Actually this post about the Jersey Shore (with a different photo) was one of the original posts on the website when it went live in 2007. That said, you’re right, we have been expanding coverage to include more of the surrounding area. While we continue our razor-sharp focus on the City of Trenton, we feel that covering nearby places of note is a service to all of our readers, as well as a way to attract non-Trentonians to the site (where maybe they’ll be inspired to explore here)

  2. Spring Lake is my absolute favorite beach in NJ! There’s almost always parking right on Ocean Avenue and if there isn’t, you don’t have to walk a mile away (like in Belmar) to get to your spot.

    I always like to stop at Strollo’s Italian Ice on the corner of 16th St and Main St which is technically in Bradley Beach. It’s not too long of a drive but if you’re in the shore area, this is THE best place for Italian Ice.

  3. No lie, we rented a Beach House in Bay Head last year and were able to get there in 45 minutes.

    I’ll admit that I’m a Trenton booster, but I can get to Philly in 45 min., NYC in 1 hour, skiing in 2 hours and the Shore in 45 min. There isn’t anywhere else in the country where you can do that.

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