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Capital Crescendo (NJ Capital Philharmonic)

NJ Capital Philharmonic, War Memorial Patriots Theatre, 1 Memorial Drive, Trenton, NJ
See website schedule for concerts. Tickets: 215-893-1999, Option 5
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The NJ Capital Philharmonic now performs in the Patriot’s Theatre at the War Memorial, which has great acoustics, and still looks stunningly beautiful following its complete renovation about a decade ago. It replaces the old Trenton Symphony, which mercifully bit the dust a few years ago.

Under the direction of Musical Director and Conductor Dan Spalding, the programming is now a fascinating mix of new/unfamiliar/exciting and old favorites. His commentary (and I don’t usually like commentary!) is funny and insightful. If you remember the mediocre pops programming of the old Trenton Symphony (and I don’t, because I usually fell asleep at the concerts), be prepared for something entirely different, and quite engaging. Spalding is an internationally regarded conductor, who’s worked with many of top European orchestras throughout his career, and it shows.

Finally, the orchestra sounds GREAT! The players (many who have other gigs playing with the top symphonies in Philly or New York) are clearly energized playing for Dan.

Highly recommended! Check out the New Year’s programming.

Thanks to John for inspiring and heavily contributing to this review.

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