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Kid Writes (State Street Project)

The “State Street Project” is the umbrella name for the programs at Passage Theatre that work with inner-city Trenton youth. It’s a huge part of what Passage does, much of it behind the scenes. When they mount a public production, RUN, don’t walk to your phone and reserve seats (they’re always inexpensive, and often free). Everything they do is worth seeing by kids and adults alike.

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98 Miles Off-Broadway (Philadelphia Live Theater)

Philadelphia has its own, unique, and very rich theater scene. It’s an easy drive from Trenton (under 40 minutes door-to-door, usually). Yes, there are presentation houses that book current touring companies from Broadway shows (at near Broadway prices). But there are also many, many outstanding theater companies that produce their own stage plays using predominantly … Continue reading 98 Miles Off-Broadway

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