11 thoughts on “Crabs ‘n Coltrane”

    1. Sorry we don’t do lunch daily anymore but in some cases I can do lunch if you call me a day ahead between 5pm and 1 am so I know ahead of time.
      Thank you

    1. Click on the Google Maps link in the review and you’ll see exactly where it is. It’s not the pretty part of North Clinton. As for your kids, assuming THEY behave themselves they’ll be fine. If not NOT, Mary will no doubt let them know about it.

      1. If you want to go with your kids, you should check with the Regal 1 to confirm they allow minors to eat with their parents. It is NOT illegal in NJ for children to accompany their parents to a bar (or course they can’t drink). However, many bars have a more restrictive policy than that because they don’t want to worry about them.

  1. No his food Not good at ALL. The customer sevoce is very poor. He prices is sky high and he takes forever to make the food because he trys to be bartender nd cook at the same time

  2. Justin and the woman that runs the bar are very rude. The food may be good BUT their hospitality or lack there of is very distracting. I have not eaten in this place in over 3 years simply because they are very rude. I refuse to spend my money here. Most people call it the “church” because there’s no profanity allowed…really? ??? It’s a bar!

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