3 thoughts on “Cycling Through Time & Space”

  1. Another note, you should take Valley road to the end, cross 29 to the tow path…. which means turning right off Hunter, then Right again… maybe more miles, but much safer… You should never ride on RT. 29 if at all possible… IT IS NOT SAFE.

    1. Thanks, Rich. It may have taken us a while, but we’ve re-routed the ride as suggested to avoid this stretch of Rt. 29

  2. This is a great ride. Just two quick notes. One is that you actually make a left turn from Fiddler’s Creek Road onto Church road. The second is that the warning to use caution when going down Hunter Road should definitely be heeded. Not only does it turn into a dirt road as you’re coming down the hill, it also makes some sharp turns, which are very tough to negotiate going at full speed downhill on dirt.

    The landscape is incredibly beautiful.

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