10 thoughts on “Cycling Trenton’s Industrial Past”

  1. I really enjoyed this ride. I have a hybrid bike with no suspension and it was bumpy but not too rough. My tires are closer to being road tires and I enjoy the challenge so this was the perfect trail for a cool afternoon ride.

  2. I road from the Bordentown Docks to the D&R Canal State Park entrance on Canal Rd last week. This was the first time I road this trail, so I was unsure of where to go. But, after reading this post, I will try it again and go through the Marine Terminal Park up to South Riverwalk Park.

    It was a nice ride. The trail is pretty narrow and overgrown on the section between Canal Rd. and the 295 overpass. But, after that it’s much wider and the trail is more gravel than dirt.

  3. I rode this once it pretty much overgrown with trees and other stuff it is like riding through the jungle

    1. We have ridden it recently (yesterday). The entrance is a bit overgrown, but after that the riding was pretty good–they have trimmed back the overgrowth substantially along the path.

  4. One of my fave rides. If anyone in this area is looking for manual wheels. Boys & Girls Club Bike Exchange on Olden Ave has great prices and Tues Thurs & Sat are there days

  5. I’m sorry but I’m confused. I grew up in the burg part of Trenton. Where exactly is this entrance located cause I now live in roebling which is close to Bordentown and would live to take the ride

  6. I am going to run on it but I cant figure out where the trail starts in Bordentown. any help? I live in Btown twp but grew up on Stuyvesant ave in what was and will be again the greatest city around. Trenton for life!

    1. Sure, if you take Farnsworth Ave to the end (where it hits the yacht club) at Crosswicks Creek, you will end up going down a very steep hill. At the base of that hill, you will cross the train tracks for the River Line, and you can then see a footpath along the bridge to your right (over the Creek). Follow that footpath and you will be on a trail. There is only one fork in the trail (immediately after the next bridge) and you should make a right at the fork. After that you are smooth sailing.

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