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  1. Thanks for including info about the Abbott Marshlands (aka Hamilton – Trenton – Bordentown Marsh. Coming soon: ‘ Abbott Marshlands – More Than Meets the Eye’ an exhibit at The Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie in Cadwalder Park; Sept. 20-Nov. 16 with opening on Sept. 20, 2014. The exhibit will feature art, artifacts, and nature displays of the marshlands. The Tulpehaking Nature Center, 157 Westcott Ave. will be dedicated the week of Oct. 5. Many programs are planned to celebrate the Abbott Marshlands and complement the exhibit at Ellarslie, World Rivers Day (Sept 28), and the opening of the nature center. Check any of the following websites for a schedule of programs after Aug. 15: Mercer County Park Commission, Ellarslie, Friends for the Abbot Marshlands.

  2. How nice a website about my backyard! I grew up in broad st. park and spent many a day down the lake, watsons creek and the swamp. There used to be/spring boxes in the creek and yes we drank from them! Do any members know about the cat walks ? I believe they were built for access to the power lines leading to the power plant. There may some sections still standing,not sure.

  3. Great website about everything Trenton! Thank you for writing about the Marsh – a very special place. Friends for the Marsh has walks and interesting activities for the entire family year-round at no charge.

    We lead the Sierra Club canoe and kayak trips; they are fun, educational and a lovely way to enjoy the outdoors close to home and catch “Swamp Fever” too!

    Editor’s Comment: George and Leona run the Pine Paddler’s / Sierra Club tours of the swamp which sound like a wonderful way to experience the swamp! Click on the link to see the tour description.

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