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Institute for Advanced Study Events, 1 Einstein Drive, Princeton, NJ

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About 20 minutes up Rt. 1, the Institute for Advanced Study sponsors an exceptional series of events, mostly free to the public (though some require registration), typically 8-10 each month. It’s almost never light entertainment, but it’s surprisingly varied for an institution best known for employing Albert Einstein during the last 22 years of his life. For example during the first 8 days of March, 2019, when this review was written, you could attend:

  • art history lecture about Rembrandt’s “Christ Carrying the Cross” painting
  • history of science lecture about the influence of Zen philosophy and practice on Japanese advances in robotics
  • film documentary about the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean
  • live concert featuring the Institute’s music artist-in-residence delivering John Cage’s seminal lecture on Indeterminacy, accompanied by a performance of Cage’s “rhythmically propulsive percussion music”.

All for free!


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