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  1. Usually, I love your posts, but this one is a no. I know it may be the only place with water ice around so I can see that. I’m gonna scope a spot that I’ve heard about to see if they still do their thing and I’ll message you privately. If I don’t message you, it was a fail.

    1. Hey Jamie. By all means suggest some good independents. I share your reluctance to give a corporate chain a break. And I do find a few of Rita’s flavors revolting. However, I’ve sampled all of the independent water ice places that I’ve been able to find in the area, and the only one that I think is consistently better than Rita’s is Vincent’s. And his soft serve isn’t as good as Rita’s custard (though I get his Gelati with home made ice cream which is to die for).

    2. It’s only partially because it’s a chain. I know the consistency has a lot to do with it. I just do not like their water ice at all. And you are right about their custard. It is good.
      If you’re looking for good water ice. Find a place that serves Rosati’s water ice. Arctic Ice Cream sells it in bulk to other businesses. They also sell cases of single serving water ices.
      In the meantime, I’m going to see if I can find some homemade water ice within a decent radius to the city.

    3. Sounds like we agree more than we disagree. We’ll happily cover an independent with good water ice if you can find one. At Rita’s, my own preferences are pretty much Lemon, Mango, and wild cherry, which are all OK in my book.

    4. While VeginCity grew up near Philly, this is Millman and I grew up in North Jersey. For me, water ice and Rita’s was a revelation. Despite its flaws, I think it’s worth covering for folks who move here, especially.

    5. LoL. I was born and raised in Trenton with my grandparents. It spoiled me along the lines of good food. It made me super picky about a lot of food and how it should be made, but I also hold sentimental value towards things that aren’t the greatest. I love them because they’re part of my childhood and they bring back good memories. Like pizza from Columbus and what not.

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