12 thoughts on “Flavors in Harmony”

  1. This is actually one of the best spots around and has one of the highest selections of raw sushi. They also have salmon roe (one of my favorites) which a lot of places don’t carry.

  2. I just visited Concerto the other day and it was incredible. They must have read the last comment because they have redesigned the outside of the building, the service was great, and the food was amazing. Excellent ambiance, I mean really cool place definitely worth checking out.

  3. Came here for Valentine’s day for some reason, HUGE MISTAKE. This place was falling apart. Our reservation was for 8:30, we show up and surprise, there are dozens of other couples and familes with reservations waiting. I cannot get more than a few broken egrish words out of the staff as to why it is now 8:45, and we are not sitting. Long story short, people walk out, I keep harrassing the staff until 9:15, before we get a table. Finally, when we do, we notice all the tables around us are food-less, and angry. We overhear that the food is not coming out of the kitchen, and see more than one table recieve the wrong order. THEN more people leave, from the tables, a lot more. We are sitting for FIFTEEN MINUTES at this point, without a server even acknowledging our existence or getting us glasses of water or something. We decide, after being in this Godforsaken building for ONE stressful hour, which essentialy ruined our Valentine’s Day, that is is time to bail. We call and make reservations at CHARMING GARDEN in Langhorne, which is actually thier sister resuraunt, that we have been going to for years, which is worlds ahead of CONCERTO in service, ambiance, and-something tells me-quality of food. Our rreservation is made, and within 25 mins we are enjoying a delicious meal there. So, in my humble opinion, based on this ridiculous experience, CONCERTO FUSION is the pits.

    Editor’s Comment: Brian, sorry you had this experience. Valentine’s Day is a tough day to get fast service at any restaurant, though obviously your experience was unacceptable. Normally the Concerto Fusion’s owner is in the house and circulating with customers. He’s usually very concerned about the quality of food and service, so I can assure you your experience wasn’t typical for a normal day. Also, the fact that you showed up at Charming Garden at 10:15 might have something to do with your quick service there.

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