3 thoughts on “Guatemalan Grill”

  1. Sorry but Guatelinda did impress me! If you are looking for quality food I am sure Frankys will meet your expectations. You will defetnitely get what you are paying for. On the other side, if they are giving a good review of a place we should be happy we have good places to eat in Trenton NOT try to give publicity to other places, that is just bad. Guatelinda’s people trying to take advantage of any opportunities so sad.

  2. Update – we’ve now been to Frankye’s with a group of friends. Frankye’s food was good overall, but a bit pricey. Their flan is good though. And they have one appetizer that is really killer – some dumpling like thing with pork.

    But we greatly prefer Guatelinda – which is only 2-3 blocks away. The food is better and prices are substantially less. The Cerdo Carne Adobada (marinated pork) is wonderful … mmmmm. It’s served (like all their dishes) with a huge portion of rice, beans, and some salad.

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