7 thoughts on “Guatemalan Your Mother Would Love”

  1. Wow!!! I can’t believe the portions!!! I ordered the pork chops, my wife had the chicken tostadas. Neither of us could finish our meals. Kudos to our hostess, who ushered us through the menu. Between our little bit of Spanish, and her English, we understood what what was what.
    Everything tasted great. As we left, I caught a glimpse of the carne asada being served to the expectant mother in the booth behind us. It too was a heaping portion of sizzling steak with black beans and rice. I’m ordering that when I visit again.

  2. Thanks for this post–my husband and I went there for dinner tonight (he had the enchilades verdes and I had the tacos al pastor and we both had shakes and shared the guac and chips) and it was hands down the BEST Mexican food we’ve ever had!

  3. I went to El Mariachi yesterday hoping to love it as much as Taqueria El Mariachi but that wasn’t the case unfortunately. The service is still friendly, but the food preparation was slightly off. If I never tried Taqueria I probably wouldn’t have noticed. The avocado salsa was too thick, the tortillas were larger and taken off the grill too soon and the beef tongue was on the dry side (still very tender though).

    I like that there is more space and think it would be great for family dinners or parties. I’ll go back and try other dishes soon. I’m a loyal Taqueria customer so I have to give it’s sister another try.

    Editor’s Comment: These seem like normal variations to me, not a systematic issue with Ristorante. In my experience the salsa verde goes from soupy to thick and spicy to fiery depending on the batch, and when it gets scooped out of the tub where they store it. The hand made tortillas vary a lot, depending on who’s making them.

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