9 thoughts on “Stuffed Stuff”

  1. Just saw “papusas”on a food show on a cable channel,they reminded me of the “pasteles”that I had in Colombia,pasteles though are fried,papusas are grilled,look great though!!

    1. Actually, Maryann, if you have the right attitude, it’s part of what makes visiting these restaurants fun. Far from being ridiculous, these folks are making a major contribution to the revival of this city.

    2. then they should learn to speak english and sadly the city is continuing to go down hill which breaks my heart since i live there and will not be able to sell my house which i have owned for over 20 years

    3. It’s part of a process, Maryann. Do you think that when Chamberburg was settled by Italian immigrants around the turn of the 20th century, that they all spoke English? Not a chance. The second and third generations, of course. But not the first. And you’re seeing the same pattern in Latino neighborhoods, now.

    4. not racist at all im ist generation born here from an italian immigrant who made sure she came her legally, learned the language and became a citizen by not speaking english these establishments dont really want you or i to visit them

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