Out of Right Field (Trent City Pizzeria)

Trent City Pizzeria, 687 Lamberton St, Trenton, NJ
7 Days: 10 AM to 10 PM
(609) 571-1148   Website    Google Maps

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(Covid Update Dec 2021 – in business) Trent City is one of those places that reaffirms what a wonderful city Trenton is.

You could say it’s, “Just a local pizza joint”.  And you’d be right.  It does serve pizza by the slice, or will make whole pies.  They make some of the best pizza pie (<sigh> not tomato pie) you’ll get in the city.

Which brings us to another key idea:  Trent City is located around the corner from the ballpark where the Thunder play.  If you’re looking for a place to have a good, quick meal before a ball game, then Trent City (along with El Chapin) may be just the place.

As an added bonus, in addition to the typical hoagies, wraps, and burgers that most neighborhood pizza joints serve (and which are OK at Trent City) you can get OUTSTANDING Latino Fusion food.

Pernil lunch special

Trent City’s owners are a husband-and-wife team:  she’s from Guatemala and he’s from Costa Rica.  They offer an extensive menu of Latino dishes that spans the gamut of Latino cooking:  check out this dish of Pernil (roast pork) with dirty rice and fried plantains.  This is a traditional Puerto Rican dish, and it was prepared as well as any I’ve had in town.  Really, really, good.  And only $6.50 when ordered as a “lunch special”.

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