15 thoughts on “Closest “Tomato Pie” to Chambersburg?”

  1. I’m a pizza snob from Philly. I’ll gladly trek to New Haven or Brooklyn to L&B. I just don’t “get” Trenton tomato pie. It’s like ketchup on a Ritz cracker. I’ve had DeLorenzo’s and Conti’s. I wasn’t impressed with either. Someone school me on this. I grew up in NE Philly where a tomato pie is something you get at a bakery, comes in sheet with tomato sauce (or chopped tomatoes) and served at room temp. We also have Tacony tomato pie which is pizza like what you get in Trenton, just better compared to what I have. I’m open to suggestions.

  2. Started going to La Villa around 10 years ago, when you could throw a baseball and not hit anyone in the place, NOW, busy, busy, busy, and the food is still as good, altho portions have drastically been reduced.

  3. I’m no expert on Trenton Tomato Pies, only having eaten at the DeLorenzo’s on Hudson (whose pie I loved) periodically over a couple of years. Based on DeLorenzo’s, La Villa’s Tomato Pie was not what I expected – much more cheese, less crunch although still crispy, minimal to no charring. That said, it tasted fantastic. All in all the texture of this pie is very similar to good Chicago THIN crust (sometimes called Midwestern-style), which is what I grew up on. So for anyone who wants that kind of pizza in the Philly area, go here – you’ll love it! If you want the charring, tell them to make it well done.

  4. I’m from Philly. A Trenton (Morrisville) Tomato Pie is nothing more than an upside down pizza with the cheese on the bottom, right? A REAL Tomato Pie is sans cheese and served at room temperature. It’s usually, almost always, made in a bakery and found in places as far north as Northeast Philly as far south as North Wilmington (there’s an Irish bakery on Naamans Rd that makes a tasty version).

    I’m a pizza snob, to say the least, I have a growing East Coast pizza-eating pedigree to prove it. Lol I plan to spend the next few months sniffing out this thing you people mistakenly call a “Tomato Pie” and get down to tasting it. Where should I begin?

    Editor’s comment: Any search for a true Trenton tomato pie has to start at Papas. After that, I’d recommend Mama Rosa’s in Hamilton, and La Villa.

  5. yes there is tomato pie out there. it in an ol bar / lunchenette in roebling called sandors pizza. great pie old time atmosphere with a beer too!.


  6. I absolutely agree! La Villa pie is honestly my tomato pie of choice. I would probably rank it higher than number 3, but I’m not sure if it takes the number 1 spot. La Villa’s ingredients are always fresh and every tomato pie I’ve had from there has been excellent. We’ve never eaten in, have always gotten takeout and it’s great. I like DeLorenzo’s, especially their pepperoni, but they have a tendency to burn their pies. La Villa is excellent, they are quick, the staff is friendly, and their hours cannot be beat. I’ve even heard (but cannot personally vouch for it) that their food, other than tomato pie, is very good as well.

  7. I order their Chamersberg pie frequently and it’s awesome. I have turned my neighbors on to it and that is their pizza of choice now. Love it.

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