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  1. SIR Joe Festa is a legendary barber and one of the nicest human beings you could ever meet.
    I’ve been to “stylists” who have done hair for a bunch of VIPS that live in South Beach as well as, some “named” hair cutting “experts” out in LA and NYC, NONE have comparable skills to master barber Joe Festa.
    On top of that, no matter how bad things are in Trenton, Joe is the “unofficial” WALKING BILLBOARD for everything that IS good about Trenton.
    The guy deserves a movie or reality show “gig”.

  2. Had one of the best hair cut experiences of my life.
    Went to State Barber Shop at 116 South Warren Street, Trenton NJ) and met Joe Festa, the owner.
    I had an appointment in town and it was about 8:20 and my appointment wasn’t til 9. As I was about to dump coins in the meter, Joe shouted to me from the door of his shop “Don’t give them your money yet. They don’t enforce until 9.” He also offered to coin tell machine for me at 9 if I had to be somewhere.
    I didn’t have to be to my appointment until 9 and I needed a trim so I figured, what the hell. I’ll use the time to get a little cleanup cut and feed the machine after.
    Joe welcomed me into his shop with amazing energy and an infectious enthusiasm. He sat me down, asked if I just wanted it shortened up and neat. I said “yes sir and he went to town with clippers and a comb and had me cut neat in less than 10 minutes.
    In that time I learned that he is 80 years old (looks 65 and acts 40), has owned that shop for more than 50 years and put all his kids through the finest colleges just being a friendly, neighborhood barber.
    After the cut, he cleaned up my goatee, straight razored my my neck, gave me a neck and shoulder massage with a hand strapped muscle vibrator and warmed lotion and sent me on my way with a complimentary hand comb and two sheets of paper with his advice for a fulfilling life.
    All in 20 minutes. Wow! And the entire service was 17 bucks.
    As I walked across the road to pay my parking meter, Joe shouted that he’d keep an eye on my truck and to have a great day.
    I thanked him again and paid the parking meter, went to my appointment with a better mood on the day than I started with.
    After my appointment, as I came around the corner, Joe waved, told me he dropped an extra couple quarter into the meter for me. I was blown away! So I pulled out a couple quarters to repay hom, which he tried to refuse. I insisted, then said “Save them for telling next person who you come across that might be short and give them OUR compliments!”. Joe accepted on those terms and invited me back for a free touch up in a couple weeks when I might need it.
    Again, I thanked him and wished him well, promising I’d be back to his shop in the furure, which I will.
    If you’re ever in Trenton, do yourself a favor and stop in to see Joe! He’s one of a kind and a genuine piece of living New Jersey history!

  3. I read this article and was looking for a new barber near my house. Joe is the guy to go to. Really nice gentleman as is Bruce. All around family type feel and will go back as long as I am in Trenton.

  4. I just got my haircut at Joe’s today. Lucky I got there before a small crowd began to form, the man is very nice and obviously cares about the customer. For only $2 more than another salon, he shaved all of my facial hair and trimmed my eyebrows. The other barber, Bruce, is also a very nice man and is just like Joe. I recommend taking the 603 all the wya downtown to go to this place, maybe hit up Columbus Pizza afterwards. I know where I’m getting my hair cut at for a long time 🙂

  5. 75 years young and lovin every minute of it. I whole heatedly agree with Johnny, If you do not leave there in a better mood you should seek professional help. I will NOT go anywhere else for haircut. and not is only Joe a great guy, but he attracts great people. Always a friendly bunch of guys hanging out there you never mind having to wait. God Bless ya Joe!

  6. Hands down the best barber ever. Joe is one of the most positive people I’ve ever met, and it’s completely contagious. I cannot say enough nice things about this man.

  7. Joe has a momrab of any frome type of manstaid that people from Trenton do from time to time. When I visit from N.Y. on business to Trenton, Joe always gives me an old “what is it beau” from the 60’s when I hung out in Trenton. I was a local drummer in those days hailing from Hightstown. I love Joe and everything he represents.

  8. I’ve been searching for this guy all my life! Found him today. Best haircut ever! And I ain’t kidding, brother!

  9. Joe can tell you everything and anything you need or just want to know about Trenton…Love the stories, love the shop, Love Joe!!!

  10. They broke the mold after they made Joe Festa. If you don’t leave that place in a good mood and loving life, you’re woefully beyond hope.

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