The New Kid Grows Up (Guate Linda Restaurant)

Guate Linda Restaurant, 1234 S Clinton Ave, Trenton, NJ

(609) 989-4984   Google Maps

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(Covid Update Dec 2021 – in business) Guate Linda is a “readers” favorite restaurant. I’ve rarely eaten here, perhaps for no other reason than it’s a little further east from my home in Mill Hill than similar restaurants like Mi Tierra and Restaurante El Mariachi that I think are just as good.

But you should try it, and decide for yourself. Certainly the restaurant has captured the heart of more than a few of you.

Guate Linda Restaurant

Luckily, Guate Linda seems to be doing fine, during a time when many other Trenton restaurants have struggled.

Prices are incredibly reasonable.  The food, including the tacos, tostadas, and several of the meat platters is very good.  Note, this is a dive.  Clean, friendly, but still a dive.  English skills of your server are likely to not exist, so if you don’t speak Spanish (like me), be prepared to puzzle out the menu on your own, and order via sign language.

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