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I used to take my Volvo to the dealer. It seemed that I’d drop $600 on an oil change; if anything were wrong, I was happy to get out for less than $2,000. Then I met Art.

Art is a no nonsense mechanic. He works only on Volvo’s and Saab’s. He does all the work himself. He’s smart as a whip, and diagnoses problems that stump most other mechanics. Plus he’s honest. The cost of repairing my Volvo fell about 75%. And it runs better now than when I took it to the dealer.

My only complaint: Art won’t work on my Honda.

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7 thoughts on “Volvo, no biggie. SAABs too.”

  1. Art is an artist and an intellectual and a mechanic, and probably some other things as well. He is an honest and thorough mechanic. He’s careful and knowledgeable, and all the generous comments about his work that you’ve probably read so far describe my impressions of him as well since the first Volvo of mine he worked on back in 2003.

    But what really makes Art and his garage a place to have on your map is that he’s one of those people that, well, just makes you feel like you’re living in a community.

  2. We purchased our ’04 Saab in 2009 from a friend who recommended that we continue to have it serviced by Art. He has saved us a bunch since then. He’s an excellent mechanic. Trustworthy and reliable.

  3. Art is great. Always helpful. Knowledgeable. Does the work that is needed without all the extras often incurred at a dealer. He has kept my Saabs running for years. His pricing is always fair and reasonable, and considerably less than the dealer. Honesty and skill and a charming man too! Highly recommended.

  4. Art is THE man! When he is on vacation we hold our breath in fear that the 1995 Volvo and the 2003 Saab will have a problem that forces us to visit a dealer or other mechanic. We even convinced Art to work on our Scion XB and he has taken it under his wing because it is such a nice little go-cart pretending it’s a car. All joking aside, we are very happy with Art’s fairness and his good work, and willingness to solve our cars’ myriad problems for the least amount of money possible. He also has interesting reading material and interesting other customers to occasionally chat with. People really do travel a great distance to have him fix their cars, and there’s a reason for that!

  5. I second and third the above comments. Art is a pleasure to work with, a knowledgeable mechanic, and a very fair guy. He diagnosed my car troubles, and while he didn’t have a fix for them, left me thinking I was in good hands.

  6. I can not speak highly enough of Art. I have a 1986 volvo 240 and it Runs like a top. Any problem I have, I take the car to Art. It is fixed in no time and the cost very reasonable. I actually feel guilty paying him so little for the excellent work he does. If I took it to a Dealer, the cost would be triple. If my Car breaks down, I will have it towed from Philly, where I now live and work to Arts, the mechanics around here, although good, but expensive, are still not in class of Art. My sisters, who live in New York City will have their Volvo towed to Arts in Trenton rather than let anyone else work on thier car. My Father, who repeatedly took his Volvo to the Dealer, (it was under warranty)and they could never fix the problem, took it to Art, who dignosed the problem just by hearing it and fixed it in no time as well. I recommend anybody with a Volvo to take their car to Arts. Anybody that lives far away, but can use NJ Transit or Septa, here is the trick I use, drop the car off and then call a taxi for a lift to the Trenton Train station. Have the phone # of a trenton taxi cab company with you before you drop off your car. When you have to pick up the car, Take the train to the Trenton Train station, cabbies are always waiting there and take it to Arts.

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