5 thoughts on “Hidden Haunt”

  1. My experience was NOT good today. It was about 4:25pm. A young man by the name of Juan( the name he gave me) EVERYTIME this young man takes my ORDER he give me what he wants. NOT what I ask for. Both my Daughter & I eat from here @ least 4 times a week. And NEVER have any ISSUES until he takes OUR ORDER. Then when I say something to him he laughs. I hope something is done bc WE do Enjoy eatting here. And My name is Joyce.

    1. Joyce, note we’re an independent web site and have no relationship with Guaterico Deli, other than it’s a place we like. I’ve never had a problem like you describe, and apparently neither have you, until now. If you’re been eating there 4x/week, no doubt a bunch of people behind the counter recognize you. My suggestion would be to complain to someone you know, next time you’re there.

  2. Wow! Went here for lunch and had the tacos al pastor and cheese pupusa…declicious! A little bit of a wait for my takeout order, but well worth it, especially considering how inexpensive it was.

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