7 thoughts on “It’s the Crust, Stupid”

  1. I always went to DELORENZO’S on Hudson st ever since I was old enough to eat pizza. I am still eating DELORENZO’s pizza.
    THE only thing that has changed was the location. GOOD JOB

  2. i was a big fan of Delorenzos on Hudson. I have been many times to the new Ribbinsville location, but find the crusts there too dry & almost like cardboard! Lately I have become more a fan of the Delorenzos on Sloan. They use Trenton’s water, which some say is the secret to Trenton tomato pies.

    1. Yup–we’ve been there as part of our “Tomato Pie Competition.” Stay tuned for how it ranks!! (Of course, DeLorenzo’s of Robbinsville isn’t in the running, as it is too far from Trenton).

  3. I agree DeLorenzo’s on Sloan Ave. was very disappointing. The crust was too thick and dry. Won’t go there again. Years ago I had the Hudson Street pie which was excellent. I don’t think the Robbinsville location pie has the same quality. Tried it as a take out and was not impressed. My favorite now is Joey’s in Hamilton. Brooklyn pie is thin crust – great sauce and very tasty.

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