A Cut Above (Executive Cuts)

Executive Cuts, 48 W Lafayette St, Trenton, NJ
By appointment, closed Su - M
(609) 392 - 2600   Google Maps

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Across the street from the hotel, and around the corner from the Old Barracks is Executive Cuts.  Debra Hoy is owner, chief floor sweeper, and Executive Cuts’ only hair stylist.  She’s also very good, cutting hair with the precision and calm assurance of a real pro.

Sometimes you want a barber.   Sometimes you need a stylist.  Debbie is the latter, but she doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg.  This is Trenton, after all.  Debbie is also a charming woman, blessed with an impish sense of humor, two kids, an ex-husband, and a new mountain bike.  So you’ll have plenty to talk about as you get your hair cut.

Because Debbie works alone, don’t be put off if no one answers the phone.  She’s probably just cutting someone’s hair.  Leave a message and she’ll call you back.

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