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  1. We know the owner and I can say with assurance he uses only pure, natural ingredients, nothing artificial and he knows where his flavors come from, ie:the 2 types of orchids that provide the vanila for his 2 types of vanila ice cream. I love vanila!

  2. Organic farms are incredibly popular nowadays for the reason that we want to consume foods which are not soaked with unsafe chemicals and toxins.

  3. Growing up I lived about 10 min. away and went to Halo Farms weekly for Ice Cream. Now many years later I live about an hour away and will pack a cooler with some ice and make the drive down to stock up on Ice Cream. Halos Ice Cream is by far the best I have ever had. The prices have gone up about a dollar since I was younger but you just cant beat the taste.

  4. I also think that the writer has it wrong regarding the Halo ice cream butterfat content not being as high as Haagen Daz, as it was originally invented to compete with Haagen Daz per the literature, and tastes better. It may not have the butterfat of Thomas Sweet ice cream, on the other hand, but compared to mass produced ice cream, it’s not something anyone should eat by the pint and expect to lose weight from.

  5. I love Halo ice cream & milk, but the dairy isn’t organic because they haven’t paid for the rights to put the marketing symbol for organic products onto their packaging. In a nutshell, it costs at least $3-10k plus at least a 3 year wait plus random product checks to get the organic label in the first place, plus annual dues. That would raise the cost of the product.

    The farmers who provide milk to Halo pledge to keep their dairy cows hormone and antibiotic free, which is the reason people buy organic.

    Someone else mentioned not being able to keep Halo milk for weeks–even standard fresh milk doesn’t last a month. It’s not preservatives, but pasteurization methods. The ONLY way milk can be stable for 30-60 (or more) days is through ultra high temperature, UHT, pasteurization (sometimes called ultra pasteurized). It’s basically canning the milk by high heat, which makes it taste funny if you’re used to fresh milk. A lot of organic milk is shelf stable, aka can be stored under your bed or in the pantry, but sold in the refridgerated section because that’s where Americans buy milk; it could just as well be sold in the juice box aisle but the manufacturers pay for it to be refrigerated.

    Halo may be 10 miles from where I live, but I go there at least every other week for ice cream, milk, and yogurt (La Yogurt brand whole milk yogurt is sold there, also hormone and antibiotic free, but without the marketing label “organic”).

  6. Halo does NOT use any hormones in ANY of their products; You can always ask the manager or cashier… that’s what I did.

  7. I just wanted to let people know, especially the previous poster named Marc, you can freeze extra juice. I suggest you remove it from the carton first – pour it in a plastic container, and then pop it in the freezer. Defrost in the fridge and its good to go.

  8. I’m embarrassed to say that I lived in Ewing for more than 10 years before stopping in at Halo Farms. I thought it as mostly just ice cream, until I walked in, and then realized how many other things besides ice cream I could get there.

    To me, the best value for the money is the lemonade, which is NOT the junk made from concentrate. As of this writing, it’s 89 cents! Even less if you buy 3…then you get another one free!

    The only thing about Halo Farms products is that you have to drink the milk, juice, etc. very quickly, as they don’t have preservatives in them. You can’t just buy them and shove them in the refrigerator for a few weeks or a month. Still, because of the lack of preservatives, the taste is unbelievably good and fresh…reminds me of when I was younger. And if I have to throw out a lemonade because it expired, it’s only 89 cents.

  9. i have no problem with cashers – they do there job – and are good at it – i have been going to halo farms for my milk and eggs for years and i travel 10 miles to get there – reason being – quality – and good prices – just a great store.

  10. I am very upset that this evening we shared a halo farm and my child has special problems and does not understand the play button on the cash register when we were paying with a credit card the box was opened and the cashier called the manager the treatrd us very badly and we will explain that the child is special but did not understand why I hope that store owners send them to a course for how to deal with special children and understand that as parents we’re offended than you. 09/02/10 time 3:00 pm

  11. In response to Avis, from someone with an extensive science education, even in the context of chemistry instead of agriculture, organic does not mean “produced by a living creature” as you say, it simply refers to carbon-based compounds. That being said, I hope you realize that when someone refers to an agricultural product as “organic” or “non-organic” that they are referring to the types of inputs used for its production, not to whether or not it contains carbon-based compounds. It’s true that using the phrase “USDA Certified Organic” or “sustainably produced” would be more accurate than simply saying “organic”, that has become the standard expression that most people use.

  12. I attended Trenton State College and this place was a godsend. At the time it was $3 for two pints. You couldn’t go wrong for that. Peanut Butter Whorled in Vanilla is the best flavor, but Pistachio is a close second.

  13. With all of the bad information on the internet, I looked for a trusted source for the meaning of “organic”. Most of the information I found was not from reliable sources. I felt the information from The Mayo Clinic was clear and balanced.

    According to MayoClinic.com, “The word “organic” refers to the way farmers grow and process agricultural products, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products and meat. Organic farming practices are designed to encourage soil and water conservation and reduce pollution.”

    And, yes, Halo Farms has AWESOME Ice Cream!

  14. I love Halo farms, that said, I do find that a number of the cashiers and shelf stockers can be reasonably rude and indifferent. I think for the cashiers that is most likely because the have to stand in a box, like human veal, where they cannot even stretch their legs.

    Unfortunately it is not just a Halo Farms thing, many younger people these days feel they should be getting more for less, and don’t realize there are stepping stones, and they just don’t want to be there.

    And yes, there are some customers that are just not very nice at all, and some that might be a little dense.

    No matter, you can’t beat the prices, and the ICE CREAM, especially Chocolate Mocha, rocks!

    Scary cashiers, screaming managers, live animals in the store will not stop me from going.

    Oh and I did like Alvis’ reply about Organic Milk. Halo’s is organic, but most milk is not. Organic is not about the cow, it is what is fed to the cow. There are enough hormones in some milk that we will soon all sprout udders.

    HALO ROCKS!!!!

    Make the cashers more comfortable, and encourage the shelf stockers to be more outgoing, maybe let us see the guy who is piling the milk and eggs, unless of course he has no head or something.

  15. All milk is organic because it’s produced by a living creature. That’s what organic means to anyone with a science education. Hippies don’t get to hijack words for their own purposes. If they mean to say “no extra hormones” or whatnot, then say that, but that’s not what “organic” means.

  16. $5 for 3 pints. I don’t think I need to say much more than that. But, I will anyway. HALO is freakin awesome! I thought Beyonnce was singing about HALO Farm in her song “Halo”. OKAY not really but somebody really should sing a song about the goodness that comes out of HALO Farm. I am love to live a healthy lifestyle and I try to be as frugal as possible. But the two don’t always match up. When you find a gem like HALO it’s a blessing. Especially in finacial times like this. Shoprite sells a gallon of organic milk for $5.49. halo 2 half gallons are $1.14 a piece. that’s $2.28 for you none math folks. I know you want to argue that they don’t have the USDA sticker but how much do you or should you trust the USDA?

  17. Alvis, not if the cow is pumped full of growth hormones and fed antibiotics with their food. You must have been taught chemistry at the fine local schools in Trenton.

  18. Halo Farms is the best! We have three teenage boys and go through about a gallon of milk a day. I don’t know how we would afford milk if it weren’t for Halo. The eggs and butter are very affordable, too, compared to Acme, and for a special treat try the ice cream. Yum! We visit Halo twice a week without fail. When my boys were younger, they used to love to watch the machines filling the cartons with milk or juice. Thanks Halo!

  19. I love Halo pub. But does anyone know anything about where they get their milk? I’m hoping it’s small farms that treat the animals well, but I would like to know for sure.

  20. I love Halo Farms. Right now I can’t have the ice cream, but my family loves it. They have always been business like and never rude. It makes me go out of my way to visit it and the wonderful Farmers Market right next door. Great prices and a fun way to shop.

  21. I went to Halo Farm for the first time last weekend and I must say it was worth it! The dairy product prices are much lower than any grocery store I v been to. The Chocolate milk is out of this world good! I can never buy any other chocolate milk from any other store again! The Farmers Market next to it had amazing prices on fruits and veggies last weekend… thats an added bonus! I will surely make Halo Farms part of my weekly grocery shopping stops!

  22. agreed, the ice cream is delicioso and makes for a complete and convenient shopping day being, as it is, right next to the farmer’s market. i would like to note though that i have had some experience with the cashiers being a bit abrupt, hard to communicate with or just really cranky. not sayin’ don’t go there, just sayin’ it does, on occasion, happen. don’t get all freaked out about it, but don’t insist it can’t possibly be true either. balance is everything (as in, can you balance three ice cream pints, and your 3 year old, and your wallet, all without pissing off the cashier who is in a bad mood and holding up the line…).

  23. I agree with everybody when they say that the ice cream at Halo Farm has great tasting at a very decent price, but Why nobody inquires about the nutrition facts? so far I haven’t see anything on any ice cream boxes; I would really want to know what is the amount of saturated fat, cholesterol, and sugar in the Halo Farm ice cream! Thank you!

  24. Until I started working in Lawrenceville I had never heard of Halo Farms, boy did I miss out, their Ice Cream is some of the best I have ever had, and you can’t beat the prices, both the milk and lemonaid are great, now my family looks forward to the nights I bring home Halo Farms Goodies, keep up the good work and Thanks.

  25. Hello…. I really love Halo… I used to work there and I miss everyone… Thank you guys for let me work with you… I miss that times… now I´m in my country but I hope to see you again.

  26. Halo Farms is great but drive a few blocks away from it towards route 1 and you are in a drug selling crack infested, gang terrorizing neighborhood. To say that is not true is an outright lie. Abandoned buildings, gang bangers, beautifully built homes that have been destroyed by people who take no pride in beauty. Would you want your car to have a flat at night in that neighborhood? I doubt it. It’s sad to say but Trenton has become a ghetto.

    Editor’s Note:  I live in Trenton, and certainly don’t feel that I live in a Ghetto.  Frankly, I nearly didn’t publish Johnny C’s comments, but I think they’re an instructive example of the sort of prejudice and misinformation that we Trentonians battle all of the time.  As you head east from Halo Farms towards Rt. 1, you in fact go through a neighborhood of lower-middle class homes, center of the eastern European settlement in Trenton. There are very few abandoned buildings, and many of the homes are proudly maintained by their owners.  Brunswick Avenue is the main shopping street, home to many well-managed businesses serving the community.

  27. Well, I have to say that after living in Trenton for my 53 years of life, this was the first time I had been to the Farmer’s Market and Halo Farms. I had heard a lot about them over the years but never took the time to go. Well, I’m sorry to say I was not that impressed. I tend to be very frugal when I shop and also now that I am older I try to eat healthier in order to at least try to maintain my weight. Although I did buy a pint of their sorbet, it was good, but contained no nutritional facts. I am eating it very sparingly in order to make it last awhile since for $.50 more, I get an entire half gallon of most ice cream or sorbet I buy. The eggs were a decent price, although no different when Shop-Rite has their sales. The bread and snacks were high and in this day and age, you can save a lot by doing what I do, shop with coupons and when stores are having sales. I feel the same way about the Farmer’s Market, their prices were not much better either. Now I know why I waited so long to go. Bottom line, I’ll stick with Shop-Rite or all the other supermarkets when they are having their sales. Sorry.

  28. My friend, who grew up in the Trenton area had been telling me of Halo farms. He and I live on Long Island, and he convinced me that Halo Farms Ice Cream and Milk were worth the trip. Friday we took a road trip and I was introduced to the truly amazing tastes of their dairy products. I had to purchase two ice chests to take home my treasure trove. I am sure that this trip will not be a singular occurance.

  29. Just an update from my previous review. Halo’s current price on a half-gallon of milk is $1.19. Halo Farms continues to be an unbeatable value.

    This is a merchant that upholds high standards for their product. And talk about supporting the local food movement! Combine your trip to Halo with a visit to the Trenton Farmers’ Market, and you’re not only supporting your local food producers, but saving a *bundle* of money by not having to hit up Whole Foods.

    And just to put it out there – the complaint(s) about Halo being in a ‘dangerous’ are are absolute nonsense. I’ve visited at all hours of day or night (they’re open late!) and have never, ever been hassled.

    I am proud to live in Mercer County. Long live New Jersey! Long live Halo!

  30. We happened upon Halo Farm while visiting the Trenton Farmer’s Market and are really impressed with the quality of their products and low prices. I had a little buyers remorse driving home with 3 pints of ice cream (for 2 people) but we’re already planning our next trip to get more. Awesome find!

  31. I worked at Halo Farm for a number of years.
    The owner never spared any expense for his products.
    Ice and Juices and milks have ZERO additives at all.
    All ingredients natural.
    Pure liquid cane sugar is used in all products as opposed to high fructose corn syrup.Very honorable people run Halo.

  32. Despite some negative comments here, I went to Halo Farms for the first time today. Although the neighboring area is a little run down, I will definitely be making a return trip. I disagree with comments about rude employees. They were fast and efficient. I purchased 6 pints for 8 bucks, not bad. So far, of those tried, I enjoyed the creaminess of both the creme de menthe with dark chocolate chips and the toasted almond with disarrono amaretto. The strawberry and chocolate with strawberries in it were also very good. The only one I did not enjoy was the chocolate brandy hazlenut. The consistency of the chocolate was off and there was an overabundance of ground somewhat soggy hazlenuts throughout. I also wish the raspberry cream sorbet had the seeds strained out (as haagen daas does with theirs), but that’s personal preference really. I also tried a few of their drinks, 3 cartons for $1.99! The low cal lemonade was delicious. The diet ice tea was also very good, but I would enjoy it more if it had some lemon flavoring in it like many bottled teas do, but again that’s really personal preference and nothing that a splash of their lemonade couldn’t handle.

  33. I’m still surprised that people dont understand that Halo Farm products and Halo Pub ice cream is all natural. Just because Bent Spoon hopped on the trendy organic band wagon does not mean it is the only natural ice cream in Princeton. Diversify! I love Halo and all it claims to be.

  34. HALO farms USED to be a great place to take the family. I have been noticing the cashiers and even the manager being less than pleasant. I have stopped going there because of this. I don’t want my young children to see people being rude like that. I’m sorry to say HALO is not what it used to be. Don’t waste your time going there.

  35. I was a fan of Halo Pub in Princeton until Bent Spoon came to be with its organic ice cream and sorbet. Not that there was anything wrong with Halo Pub.
    I had an assignment in Trenton so I stopped at Halo Farm. I prefer their milk over Whole Foods because its local, fresh, and stored in normal paper cartons. Most stores sell their milk in plastic.

  36. I went to TSC and blame my Freshman 15 SOLELY to the amazing Halo Farms ice creams (the 2-for-1 coupons certainly didn’t help either!). After I graduated I worked in Princeton where Thomas Sweet ice cream is all the rage. I kept insisting to my co-workers that T.S. didn’t stand a chance against H.F., so we had a blind taste test – Halo won hands down! GREAT JOB, HALO!

  37. Maddy Says:
    January 14th, 2009 at 10:52 am
    Halo farm milk is not “organic”.

    Actually it is, but like Dustin says, it has not been applied for, which is a hassle to do however, the milk is all natural and better than any of the stuff you are going to get at Whole Foods or whereever else you shop for “organic” things

  38. I have no idea why someone should have a bad experience in halo farm. U are usually n and out of there in no time, but can spend a decent amount of money there also. This is becuz they have the best pint ice cream ever. My family goes there for all occasions~birthdays,weddings,and funerals to get everything. Hotdog and hamburger rolls, poundcake,donuts, and also the famous juice.

  39. I concur with the editor. Halo Farm’s location is completely safe, and I’m saddened to think anyone is missing out on their fantastic products because of fears about the neighborhood. This place is always packed with families, even after dark.

    More importantly, their ice cream is beyond amazing. I’d take it over Haagen Daz or Ben and Jerry’s any day. I’ve never tasted anything like it! It’s so incredibly creamy. Try any of their flavors that include amaretto, it’s heavenly. And how can you beat the price? Don’t quote me but I think it’s something like 3 pints for 6 dollars. And of course, their delicious iced tea is less than a dollar! Finally, you’ll notice their products don’t contain laundry lists of nasty preservatives and other junk. Ice cream that’s good for you!

  40. I grew up in Ewing, and I remember going with my parents and my grandmother the Farmer’s Market, adjacent to Halo Farm. I remember when Halo opened in 1974, and it was awesome. I remember their petting zoo which has since gone away sadly. I’ve not been there since 1990, I grew up on their Iced Tea though. It seems the area there is not as safe, otherwise I’d be inclined to go back again to visit. Thanks for this website and the ability to share memories of a really terrific store, I’m glad to hear it’s still operating!

    Editor’s comment:  “not as safe”?  Unless you’re afraid of being hit by a car in the parking lot, I can’t imagine anyone saying that Halo Farms or the Farmer’s market isn’t safe.

  41. I’ve lived in Central NJ, South NJ and now Montgomery County, PA and I still make the trip out to Halo Farm for the milk and other goodies!

    I still can’t believe their HaloAide and HaloDiet drinks are still as cheap as they are. And I don’t think I need to say anything about the Seventh Heaven ice cream!

    Halo farm milk is not “organic”.

    Only because they haven’t applied for the USDA certification. Yet, for all intents and purposes it is being steroid and antibiotic free. Hell, I’m glad they don’t. I think the Organic label is just a catchphrase these days!

  42. I have nothing bad to say about Halo Farm. I’ve been going there since i was a kid. I can even remember when they had live animals out for display.

  43. I live in Cali now but I used to work at Halo Farm some 20 years ago! I used to work with Charles (#5 comment)and he’s right! Halo Farm is a local family business that has good management. They give great work opportunities for local high school/college kids and teach them how to become more responsible in life. Kudos to all the current and prior staff of Halo Farms! I myself was working on the ice cream making department back then so it’s nice to see the good comments here! Brought back good memories!

  44. yup.. i agree. this weekend we went there for the first time.. and hearing so much about the icecreams we bought a couple of pints — guess what?! my husband finished them both the very same day.. haha.. the icecreams are sure different – creamy and good. We surely will keep going there.. just for the icecreams if need be 🙂

    it is a really nice place for diary products especially so if u have kids.

    way to go halo farm!

  45. I grew up in Trenton, and although I live in Tennessee now, I still consider New Jersey home. Halo Farms has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and whenever I am home, I always stop by. The milk and especially the ice cream are the best and most affordable around, and while I can’t take them back down South with me, I always stock up on Tastycakes (at reduced prices!). The staff at Halo work hard, and get their customers out the door in record time. Some employees may not say much, but they have never been rude to me or my mom. In my 20-plus years of shopping there, first with my mom, as a little kid enthralled by the packaging line, and now as an adult, I have always been a happy patron of the Seventh Heaven. I miss the Vanilla Peanut Butter ice cream so much, and all other ice creams come in a distant second to my favorite flavor. A trip to Halo Farm with a stop at the Farmer’s Market is a great way to keep Trenton alive and contribute to its’ economy. Congratulations to the Halo family and to all the Halo patrons who have kept this heavenly small business running for all these years!

  46. i have grew up on Halo Farms it is definately the best ice cream i have ever tasted the vanilla heath bar crunch is the bomb. also try coffe heath bar it is off the chain.i think its funny that anyone who grew up in or around trenton knows that if someone dies bring halo farms juice and a box of glazed donuts. i think they should turn this into a national frachise

  47. I was raised in Trenton. I now live in Georgia. I miss Halo Farms so much!! When I come home to visit I make sure that I stop there before I leave. If I bring someone with me that never seen Halo Farms before I bring them with me. I wish there was a Halo Farms in Georgia!! You ROCK HALO FARMS!!! KEEP THE GOOD WORK UP.

  48. Halo Farms icecream is the best I have ever tasted. I live in Philadelphia and I make it a point to stop up at least once a week for the icecream alone. I used to live in the area growing up, so I had the pleasure of knowing first hand about their products. Worth the trip, wish with all my heart there was one in closer to Philadelphia. Until or if that ever happens a quick drive on 95 leads me to the best, cheapest icecream around. Rita’s doesn’t compare, Breyer’s doesn’t stand a chance, Haagen Daz, Ben & Jerry’s are good but who would pay more when Halo Farm’s Seventh Heaven icecream is available. I’ve been eating their icecream for 41 years!! All their products are great also.

  49. We went for a drive tonight … had no idea where we were going… (we’re from Bensalem, PA) … stumbled upon Halo Farms … AMAZING!!! The icecream is sooo good! It is like someone made it by hand and put the chunks of peanut butter in the icecream!

    I am sooo impressed! We will be back!!! (Fun place to bring families!!)

  50. Because of my insatiable love of ice cream I must avoid Halo Farms. I usually would buy several pint of different flavors but the choco chip in vanilla ice cream is my favorite (although choco-covered almond in chocolate is also amazing). I’ll take a pint and wrap a dishrag around the container while I’m watch TV and enjoying it – so my hands don’t freeze. Inevitably I make it to the bottom of the container. I tell myself to stop at the half way mark but then I take a few more spoonfuls and then I think to myself “I can’t put this back in the freezer with this little left in the container.”
    Then it’s me, an empty cardboard pint, a clean spoon, a cold dish towel, and that feeling one has when he has just inhaled a pint of ice cream. Often I’ll work through those bad feelings and tap another pint in the same sitting. The article mentions it not being the same premium grade buttermilk as Hagen Daas – maybe not but Seventh Heaven is the best icecream I’ve ever had.
    That first post about bad service and management – ridiculous. There are usually young girls who are either nice or just don’t say much – they are NEVER rude. Mainly though, they are incredibly fast. So if you see a long line don’t be discouraged, the cashiers clear them out quickly.
    Also, there is a nice elderly Italian women who sings Italian songs while checking customers out.
    A wonderful place – my mom took us there as kids when they used to have real animals out front. Now I take my kids to look at the packing machines.

  51. I have been going to Halo Farms for a very long time. They have the cheapest best tasting milk and ice cream. I go out of my way to go there for all my dairy needs. Butter, eggs, bagels, etc. My family loves it and it is so much healthier as well!

  52. I wrote a review a little over a year ago… I’m surprised that there hasn’t been more positive comments… come on people, tell your friends to spend 60 seconds and pass on their comments… halo farm rocks! their quality is unbeatable. has anyone had any better quality ice cream a comparable price? and don’t forget about the iced tea…


  53. Sorry, Margaret… I don’t believe your stories. I’ve never had, seen, or heard of any issues like yours. I’ve always had outstanding service and product from Halo.

  54. I LOVE this place. The prices are really awesome and the milk and ice cream are fabulous. I bring my 4 kids with me for the fun of watching the production line and picking out their own ice cream. They just want to know where the cows are =)

  55. I am moving about forty minutes outside of the Trenton/Ewing area and I am trying to figure out how I can get to Halo Farm for the milk, tea, and lemonade. I will miss that place when I move. The products are the best you will find and the price is great.

  56. Halo uses the best ingredients and that’s why the ice cream is so good. Belgian chocolate! Unbeleivable. And everything is fresh and cheap because they cut out the middleman. The milk comes from Amish farms so you know its got to be organic. Trenton is lucky to have a farmers market and halo right in the same place.

  57. Halo Farms rules. No reason to buy milk from the grocery store if you live in the Trenton area; you go to Halo Farms. And you’re supporting a local business, and the ice cream is great and cheap, you can get eggs, butter, orange juice and a bunch of other stuff.

    They’re also open late, which is a help with my work schedule. No idea what comment #1 is talking about, everyone has always been very nice and professional at the store.

  58. My wife works in princeton and always talked about halo farms, to which I’ve never been. Tonight we took a little latenight road trip for icecream (I was leaning towards Ritas, but sure, I’ll try something new). Man, I’ve never been so glad that I passed up on ritas to try a new thing. Their icecream was really really good, and is… I’m not sure how to say it – but “different” than anything else I’ve tasted. The chocolate chocolate chip was Mmmmmmm great. Tonight was the first of many trips that I am sure to be taking to Trenton’s Halo Farms.

    P.S. their milk was super cheap – and really good.

  59. There is nothing negative that can be said of Halo Farms and their staff. I was one of their employees there when I went to Trenton State College (now The College of New Jersey). They were a great family and friends to work with. I live out of town now. Whenever I am in NJ, I stock up on Halo Farm products to bring to Virginia with me. I am so sorry anyone would have a bad experience in that store. There is not one negative thing I can say about Halo Farms and their management. They have done me well in my life. Thank you
    Charles Evans Lawrence

  60. I love Halo Farm’s ice cream so much more than the ice cream sold at other locations in New Jersey, that I – an avid ice cream enthusiast – recently chose to abstain from an ice cream cone elsewhere because, after tasting a sample, it just didn’t live up to the high standards set by Halo Farm. Halo Farm’s ice cream is so flavorful and rich that you only need a little bit to be satisfied. I even got a Halo Farm ice cream cake for my birthday and it was decorated beautifully, delicious, and cheaper than an ice cream cake of the same size from other stores. Yummy!

  61. I know the owner/manager of Halo Farm fairly well, and I can say this, either his yelling is complete BS, or you were stealing or doing something outright ignorant in that store. As for the cashier, I have no idea, but by the sounds of this writing, I’d say most likely the second above me is abusive to cashiers because she feels entitled to everything going her own way all the time, and got ignorant when some minute detail wasnt to her liking. I see that a lot.

  62. I’ve been a customer of halo farm for 21 years. I have never been disappointed. great prices and high quality products.If the last comment were spelled correctly and were a little more thought out, I’d believe it. It sounds like some bitter bozo wrote it.

  63. It is sad to have to email a complaint. After many years of great service where long time Senior customers were treated with common courtesy & respect while quickly & accurately checking the orders. There was an incident at the Trenton Halo Farm where a female cashier was rude, loud & obnoxious, without provocktion other then appearing to be in a bad mood at a busy time. The second experience was with a manager who was insulting, loud & very nasty aparently brought on by his annoyence of my packing my order in my own canvas bags & cart on wheels which I use because I walk with a can. I simply questioned him about which items were rung up so I could pack them. In answere to his screeming at me I asked for the manager & he informed me he was it. This left me sick to think managment could get away with such unprofessional mannerisum. The unpacked $25.00 order was left there & I have not been back since. Things have gotten out ol hand at HALO FARMS & I can’t help wounder if there have been other complaints! This took place around the first week in June of this year but I’v not been aforded the time to bring awarness to it until now. Thank you for your time.
    Margaret Robertson

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