5 thoughts on “Core Values”

  1. Very expensive training. If you are young and thin you will be challenged. They underexpect of older women who are not svelte- thinks we are a bunch of out of shape losers who should sit on that box all day rather than challenge us. [Editor deleted some personal comments about specific trainers]
    Editor’s Comment: Pilates is expensive, no doubt, but worth it in my opinion. I can’t disagree more with the balance of your comment. Teachers at the studio range in age from 20s to late-60s. You can find someone who will be age sympathetic. If you want to be challenged more, ask the teacher to challenge you (or get a different instructor).

  2. Anthony Rabara is the reason I am walking today. He is my hero!!!

    Yeah Anthony and Pure Pilates. We don’t
    have that in San Antonio where I now am.

    Just go – and see how your lives will get
    better and better and better……

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