4 thoughts on “Deep Rooted Flavor”

  1. We went for lunch today, and it was a-ma-zing! I’m terrified that soon there will be a line out the door. Great food, fantastic service! Thanks for the great recommendation, MillMan!

  2. It is AMAZING at Roots. I have to fight the temptation to go there multiple days a week since I work in Carnegie Center.

    In terms of finding pho in the area, the Pholicious in Quaker Bridge mall (lower level right by Regis salon) is quite good and very very reasonably priced. I also go there frequently.

  3. Thanks, Jane Lucien! Shanghai Bun has just been recommended by some other folks as well, so we’ve added it to the queue. We can’t wait to check it out as soon as we can! But in the meantime, we highly recommend Roots.

  4. Looking forward to trying this place, but it’s definitely not the first or only one of it’s kind in this region. Shanghai Bun has incredible soup dumplings, ramen, really tasty, fresh Chinese recipes, and it’s just over a mile north, near the Princeton Junction train station.

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