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    1. I suppose you’re suggesting that the term “Anglo” is exclusionary, which I hadn’t thought about when I wrote it, and I suppose is correct. Still, this website celebrates diversity and inclusion, consistently and comprehensively. You can interpret “Anglo” in this context as shorthand for anyone who doesn’t want to dine with a bunch of noisy families.

  1. Good to know! While we know it isn’t a Retro Roadmap type thing, Retro Roadhubs and I do love some authentic sichuan Chinese, and sometimes it’s the perfect flavorful pick me up after so much roadfood. Putting a pin in our map to check this out on our next jaunt – thanks for the tip!

  2. Just wanted to add that they also have a plethora of vegetarian and vegan options. I had probably the best eggplant dish in my life there, and there are dozens of choices. Since most vegetarian Chinese food is also vegan (they don’t use a lot of dairy so eggs are all you have to watch out for), this is also vegan-friendly.

  3. The food is great except for the wonton soup; very chewy. However, the pan-fried vegetable wontons are outstanding! The reviewer’s comment about the restaurant being filled with Chinese families is also accurate, which I find to be a good advertisement for the food.

  4. We’ve been there three times now, and they serve beer. It’s the best Chinese food we’ve had outside of SF.

  5. This place is fantastic. I have been hunting for a quality Chinese restaurant in the Trenton area and I’ve finally found it! The food is superb and reasonably priced. The attractive decor makes dining in relaxing and pleasant. The service is also impeccable. Be aware that when they tell you a dish is spicy, they mean it! Would be great for groups, bring a couple bottles of wine and enjoy!

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