Home Sweet Tour (Mill Hill Holiday House Tour)

Mill Hill Holiday House Tour, Mill Hill Neighborhood, Trenton, NJ
Annually, the first Saturday in December, 12PM - 5PM
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Every year for 45+ years, Trenton’s charming, landmarked Mill Hill neighborhood spruces itself up and opens some of the most lovely homes in the neighborhood to perfect strangers who plunk down $15-20 for a ticket.

If you don’t live in Trenton, it’s an  extraordinary opportunity to catch an intimate glimpse of urban living. Mill Hillians are a diverse and talented community, and the homes reflect their diversity of lifesytles, tastes, and expressions. Generally, the proud homeowners and their friends are hanging out, and love to engage with visitors in conversation.

If you do live in Trenton, it’s a great way to get decorating ideas, and share a festive day with your neighbors. Either way, it’s a fun event well worth attending regularly.

Check the Old Mill Hill Society’s website (http://trentonmillhill.org) for details. The tour usually begins at noon on the first Saturday of December. You can buy tickets online, and save a few bucks compared to purchasing them at “Tour Central” on the day of the tour. Tour Central has been variously at the Mill Hill Playhouse and Artworks. In 2011, it is at Artworks on Stockton Street between Market and Front. There you pick up your program, and walk along the Assunpink to start the tour.

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