One thought on “On the Light Side”

  1. We tried Two Flags #2 today and got more than we expected. I appreciate the main review’s explanation of why the name differs on the sign and on the menu. Just to add to the confusion, we ate some Colombian selections from the menu and noticed that the walls are still decorated with large posters of scenic sites in Italy.

    We ended up at Two Flags because my wife, who is a “Paisa” from the Antioquia region of Colombia, had heard that their Bandeja Paisa (basically, a platter with rice, beans, sweet plantains, beef, sausage, chicharron — and maybe a fried egg on top) was good. She ordered it and was very happy. I had the Mojarra en Salsa Picante (a fried whole fish in hot sauce) and was surprised how good it was.

    So, we’ll be heading back again, and I”m going to make a point of trying those papusas.

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