Seeing Double, Double (4 Views of Trenton Tour - The Contemporary Museum)

4 Views of Trenton Tour - The Contemporary Museum, 176 W State Street, Trenton, NJ

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Every year since 1986, The Contemporary Victorian Townhouse Museum (“the Contemporary”) has sponsored tours of Trenton which provide an uncommon view of the city.

All of the tours leave at the same time, on the same day, so to take them all in you’ll have to come back year after year (and of course different tours come on and off the program, so this could become a lifetime obsession if you let it).

Seriously, the tours are fun, and will show you parts of the city you might never otherwise see.  I happen to know 3 of the 4 guides in 2010 tour, and all are incredibly well qualified to conduct them.

There’s the “Janet Evanovich’s Burg” Tour, guided by Jim Carlucci, long time Trenton Native, and police buff.  You’ll visit visit a bail bondsman, the funeral home where Grandma Mazur attends wakes, Trenton Police HQ, and a number of Steph’s favorite haunts.

Also, check out “Trenton’s Private Quarters”, guided by John Hatch.  John is one of the top restoration architects in the state, and a partner at Clarke, Caton, Hintz, which just moved its offices downtown.  Who better to learn about renovated and adapted housing in Trenton than from one of the architects who’s done a lot of it?

Sally Lane, who guides the “Behind the Scenes” tour is another native Trentonian, from an old Trenton family.  If she takes you behind the scenes, you’ll really be behind the scenes.

I don’t know Joe Teti, but judging from the company he keeps, he must be pretty good.

Anyway, these tours come just once a year in the spring, so don’t miss them!

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2 thoughts on “Seeing Double, Double”

  1. Thanks for the listing about 4 VIEWS OF TRENTON, guided bus tours, sponsored by The Contemporary and the Trenton Historical Society.

    FYI, April 16,2011 – Saturday, is date for the 25th annual tours.

    For info or to be put on the mailing list, call Carol 215-295-1498.

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