5 thoughts on “West Trenton Ramble”

  1. And you should fix the directions too. The Jacobs Creek Bridge has been back in business for nearly a year. Go straight up Bear Tavern and turn left on Washington Crossing – Pennington Rd. I would suggest that once you get down to the canal, walk your bike over the footpath bridge back into the park. Ride up past the visitors center and museum, continue past the entrance, follow signs to the nature center. Just before you get to the nature center, there is a road to the right with a barrier you can walk your bike around. Take that right – you will see 3 port a johns on the left followed by soccer fields. When you reach the end of this little road, you are at the intersection of Bear Tavern. make a left and follow the instructions as written. Going through the park is much safer – Church Road is just not safe to ride a bike on – more scenic, and gives you the opportunity to stop in the museum.

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