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Bakery a la Polonia (European Bakery)

European Bakery, 900 Brunswick Ave (Corner N Olden Ave), Trenton, NJ

(609) 695-7200   Google Maps

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The European Bakery (“EB”) is the expanded successor to the Eagle Bakery (now closed), which used to operate two blocks down Olden Street. It offers a wonderful variety of authentic Polish-style baked goods – pastries, cakes, and breads – plus a well-stocked deli with cold cuts, sausages, and an assortment of grocery items.

European Bakery

Many of the desserts at EB are available as multi-layered sheet cakes that you buy by the pound, e.g.:

  • An apple crumb cake with a bottom layer of pound cake, a layer of apple filling, topped with a thin layer of custard and then brown sugar crumbs.
  • Dark and light chocolate cake layers with hazelnut cream icing
  • Cheese cake
  • Pound cake topped with whole pineapple rings in gelatin
  • and many more…

The cakes are always well made, though not always to American tastes. For example, their “cheese cake” is more like a cream cheese pound cake: very dense, but not as creamy as most Americans would want. But it would be fantastic if you served it with strawberries or a fruit salad, or added ice cream, as it’s one of the best pound cakes you’ve ever had.
A word of warning. EB seems to bake more cakes than they turn over rapidly, so they’re not always at peak freshness. Be careful what you order, and select cakes which look like they’re freshly baked.

EB is across the street from the Cosmo Food Store, its mortal competitor. Cosmo is principally a grocery store, with a large and well managed bakery department, wheras EB is principally a bakery, with a bunch of other items. Both are great.

EB has a private parking lot, with its entrance just past the store off Brunswick Avenue.

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2 thoughts on “Bakery a la Polonia”

  1. Hi everyone! Just to let you know that I go often to the Europa Bakery between days and their products and Bread are outstanding. Realy love the Criossants and the other breads or Bulki how is called.

    Best wishes and thanks for having so many great European products in this area.

  2. Try the seeded rye bread — it can be sliced quite thin the day after you buy it & makes any sandwich better — rare roast beef with horseradish is perfect on this bread. Also excellent toasted & slathered with good sweet butter and/or honey!

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