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  1. I love the place and the prices really are low. I too have found that some expiration dates are expired, especially on Kinder chocolate. I think there’s kind of a black market in Kinder products, I have seen that elsewhere too. The butcher’s section is great.

  2. We heard about this little market from our camping friends Anna and yanosh over the summer, very glad we checked it out, great prices good products and nice owner…

  3. Great place- because of this site I always check the dates and have NEVER been duped, all prepared foods are excellent!! Galicjians aren’t known for their friendliness apparently but who it’s part of the charm!!!!!!!

  4. If you live near Hamilton Twp then go to the Hamilton Market on Rt 33. They have a decent Polish section, prices are good, easy parking and the stock is never out of date. My problem with Comos is the parking which is down an alley. Also, the staff aren’t the most friendly workers in the world. For a good selection of Polish spirits go to Landmark Liquor located across from the Trenton Farmers market. If your looking for authentic Polish comfort food try Rozmaryn located on Olden Ave across from the old Eagle Bakery.

  5. This store is horrible! And people who work there are dishonest!!! I used to shop there all the time- mainly because their prices are much lower than other stores. I have heard some mixed opinions about them but I did’t believed them until now. I bought there some raspberry syrup but after I got home I realized it was expired. So I returned it. Sure enough couple moths later they still had the expired products on shelves. Some of which was almost 12 moths expired!!! So I talked to the manager and asked to remove it… Well, guess what?! After I came back couple days later, the expiration date on all bottles has magically DISAPPEARED!!! When I asked for the explanation they said that this was a new product and the factory stopped putting the dates on the bottles… Oh, GIVE ME A BREAK!!! What a bunch of bull s***!!!

  6. They do have a big selection and to the contrary of bob’s post they prices are unbeatable. never found anything with changed date. some employee speak poor english but still enough to communicate.

  7. Good selection but beware that they change expiration dates on some items (bad attempts too)

    more expensive than anything else in the area

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