Corleone's Tomato Pie

Corleone’s Old Fashion Tomato Pie

Corleone's Old Fashion Tomato Pie, 1270 S Olden Ave, Hamilton, NJ
M-Sa 11 AM - 10 PM; Su 11 AM - 9 PM
(609) 689-1270   Website    Google Maps

Colerone’s is mostly a take-out joint. But they have a few tables that will do in a pinch (and we always like to eat tomato pie right out of the oven). There’s really no service: the pieman will hand you your pie over the counter when it’s ready. They make a darn good tomato pie that just misses elite status. The crust is very good, generally crisp, (though the center softened after the first slice). The cheese and tomato are both quite good, though they use canned mushrooms. Recommendation: avoid mushroom topping