Two Brothers Pie

Two Brothers Trattoria (Capital Center)

Two Brothers Trattoria, 50 East State Street (Mezzanine), Trenton, NJ
M-F 9AM - 4PM
(609) 394-2004   Google Maps

Two Brothers Trattoria, located in the Food Court of the Capital Center (50 E State St), is the only place downtown we’ve found to order an authentic Trenton-style tomato pie. It’s a decent pie: the crust lip is quite good: crispy with char and leopard spotting (perhaps a touch dry). The tomato has a pleasant, intense flavor without being overwhelming: slightly sweet, with more than a hint of fresh basil. The mozzarella is perhaps a tad light, but nicely flavored. The mushrooms are fresh. Service is pretty basic (you order at the booth, and take your pie to your seat), but we found the manager who took our order helpful and considerate. The Food Court at the Capital Center is actually one of the nicest indoor public spaces in town. It’s light and pleasant to look at, and the furniture is comfortable. Really our only significant complaint is that the pie puts on too much tomato, which both unbalances the flavor and holds too much water, making the crust (or “undercarriage”) mostly soggy. Recommendation is that you ask for your pie with “a little more cheese and a little less tomato”. Then, what is already an OK tomato pie might turn into something pretty special.