206 Sanhican Dr, Trenton NJ

Original Dominick’s Pizza

Original Dominick's Pizza, 206 Sanhican Dr, Trenton, NJ
M-F 10AM - 9:45PM; Sa 11AM - 9:45PM; Su 12PM - 9:45PM
908-628-0480   Website    Google Maps

Dominick’s makes an authentic tomato pie (though they mostly do pizza). Their crust is really good.. as good as some of the best we found: nice and crispy without being dry. Perhaps slightly bland, but overall a great base for a tomato pie. Unfortunately, the pie we tried got the cheese/tomato balance wrong: way too much tomato, and too little cheese. It’s obvious if you just look at the header image. Get the balance right, and Dominick’s could compete with even the best pies in the competition. In the meantime, if you’re on the west side of Trenton, by all means stop in and give it a try: maybe you’ll want to kibbitz with the pie man, who’s a nice enough guy. Recommendation: order your pie with “not too much tomato”