Papa's pie

Papa’s Tomato Pies of Trenton

Papa's Tomato Pies of Trenton, 3100 Quaker Bridge Rd, Hamilton, NJ
M-Sa 11 AM - 8:30 PM
(609) 586-8282   Website    Google Maps

Owned and operated by Dominick Azzaro, great grandson of Chambersburg’s Guiseppe Papa, who started making pies in Trenton in 1912. Dominick grew up making pies in Papa’s Chambersburg store, and was responsible for all of the prep cooking for that iconic business prior to its moving to Robbinsville. The “pieman” can make all of the difference. An advantage at Papa’s Tomato Pie of Trenton is that Dom will make your pie. Go to Papas in Robbinsville, and it’s certainly a “hired hand”. Think about it… Whom do you trust to make the better pie?

This store is located in the food court of Risoldi’s. While there are some advantages to this (e.g. access to a salad bar) it’s a less than salubrious location to eat a pie. However, the pies are REALLY good: delicious crust, nearly perfect except for a touch of sogginess near the center (particularly under the fresh mushrooms). The rest of the crust is subtly crisp without a hint of dryness. Very good cheese and decent tomato topping. Dominick does a great job making you feel special, even if you’re lodged in the center of a supermarket. The tradition continues!
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