The fantastic diversity of greater Trenton is revealed in its restaurants. We’ve listed some of our favorites below (scroll down). To see every restaurant (and we like ’em all), use this drop down list:

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Some of Our Favorite Restaurants
Championship Sports Bar & Grill
(Trenton, NJ) (609) 394-5502
A great dive bar. Arty, diverse, and music-filled.
Chencha y Chole Authentic Mexican Kitchen
(Trenton, NJ) (609) 394-7700
Fab homemade Mex featuring excellent Mole de Pollo
(Morrisville, PA) (215) 847-5707
Superb food in Morrisville. Go figure!
Myilai Masala
(Hamilton, NJ) (609) 438-9288
Superb, vegetarian Indian. Fab lunch buffets.
Roots Asian Kitchen
(Princeton, NJ) (609) 799-8858
Spectacular asian cuisine, casual environment
Settimo Cielo
(Trenton, NJ) (609) 656-8877
Best Italian in town. But not weekends...
Studio B Bakery & Bistro
(Trenton, NJ) (609) 503-5370
NOLA style bakery/bistro, even Beignets
Szechuan House Restaurant
(Hamilton, NJ) (609) 890-7600
Authentic, sophisticated Chinese in Hamilton
Trenton Coffee House and Roaster
(Trenton, NJ) (609) 379-0549
Incredible, hand-roasted coffee in-town
Trenton Social
(Trenton, NJ) (609) 989-7777
Trenton's bar. Everyone who's anyone comes here
128 West State Café
(Trenton, NJ) (609) 392-5900
Elegant little café across from the State House
1911 Smokehouse Bar-B-Que
(Trenton, NJ) (609) 695-1911
Rollicking, intimate downtown bar with great BBQ
7 Brothers Pizza
(Trenton, NJ) (609) 394-2500
Excellent tomato pie, within City borders
Amici Milano Restaurant
(Trenton, NJ) (609) 396-6300
The last surviving 'Burg Italian, for good reason
Bamboo Grill
(Trenton, NJ) (609) 396-1300
Tiny 'Burg takeout joint w/best Jamaican in town
Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille
(Southampton, PA) (215) 942-8888
Rib-sticking top notch vegetarian cuisine
City Deli
(Trenton, NJ) (609) 695-1119
Veggie friendly cafe featuring home cooking
Dream Spicy Indian Fusion
(Hamilton Twp., NJ) (609) 588-9777
Now reopened at 5 Points with buffet lunch
El Sazon Restaurant
(Trenton, NJ) (609) 393-0300
Superb, friendly, family-run Dominican
Fedora Cafe
(Lawrenceville, NJ) (609) 895-0844
Good cafe food at bargain prices in Lawrence
Frankye's Restaurante
(Trenton, NJ) (609) 777-5337
White Table Cloth Grill in Guatemalan Bar
Guaterico Deli
(Trenton, NJ) (609) 393-8410
Superb Guatemalan takeout, now Gringo friendly
Hambone Opera
(Trenton, NJ) (609) 325-7357
Superb BBQ in the Trenton Market
Jahan Kabob & Grill
(Morrisville, PA) (215) 295-1680
Sumptuous Afghan cuisine, right across the bridge
Jerry's Pizza & Grill
(Trenton, NJ) (609) 392-2944
Best tomato pie in the city. Order from Luis.
La Villa Restaurant
(Morrisville, PA) (215) 736-3113
Superb tomato pie & Italian in Morrisville
Malaga Restaurant
(Hamilton, NJ) (609) 396-8878
Superb continental Spanish on Lalor
Mamma Rosa's Restaurant
(Hamilton, NJ) (609) 588-5454
Great home-style Italian, good tomato pie, nearby
Mi Tierra Restaurant
(Trenton, NJ) (609) 392-5970
Friendly Guatemalan conveniently on S Clinton
NJ Weedman's Joint
(Trenton, NJ) (609) 337-9973
Surprisingly good comfort food, marijuana-themed
Palace of Asia Restaurant
(Lawrenceville, NJ) (609) 689-1500
Solid Mughali & gorgeous. Superb lunch buffet.
(Trenton, NJ) (609) 599-8727
Mercer's only Vietnamese. Friendly & authentic
Pollo Campero
(Trenton, NJ) (609) 571-9263
Juicy fast-food grilled or fried chicken
Restaurante El Mariachi
(Trenton, NJ) (609) 393-0035
Solid Guatemalan, with a salsa verde to die for!
Rinconcito Latino
(Trenton, NJ) (609) 396-9101
Friendly, family-run Guatemalan; breakfast too
Rozmaryn Restaurant & Bistro
(Trenton, NJ) (609) 656-1600
Superb, home-style Polish. Arrive early
South Rio Restaurant
(Trenton, NJ) (609) 943-2123
Good food in spectacular art-deco space
The Dinky Bar & Kitchen
(Princeton, NJ) (609) 423-2188
Sophisticated bistro by Princeton's campus
Trentini's Restaurant
(Trenton, NJ) (609) 392-6006
Go to back room for good Italian at bargain prices
Vincent's Ice Cream
(Trenton, NJ) (609) 396-3341
Yummy home-made ice cream by the scoop

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    1. We love Thomasena’s! It’s hard to choose, but this list includes only the restaurants we give 4 or 5 hearts to. You can read more about our ratings by clicking on “Our Ratings” at the top of the screen.

  1. Good Morning, You have a great resource for the City of Trenton, I am opening a BBQ restaurant in Battle Monument Area 106 Pennington Avenue. Can you send the map overlays in another format, unable to open.

    1. Not sure which map overlays you’re referring to, but we publish our data in either PDF or KMZ formats, both of which are considered standards. You open KMZs in Google Earth, which is a free app. Also, make sure that the KMZ is “visible”. Check the “Temporary Places” folder in Google Earth and check the boxes to display them, if required.

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